the songs

when jennifer sings* | 4:26
blue sky* | 4:28
can this be true | 3:37
fireball | 3:36
hey there* ** | 4:15
let it go | 3:50
visiting christine | 4:17
midnight train | 4:21

33:01 total

the band mark fern - vocals, guitars, keyboards, banjo chris thomas - guitars matt ferrante - sax justin brown - bass carlos barba - drums, vocals special guests *markila brown - backing vocals **rick butor - piano other important stuff music / lyrics by mark recorded / engineered / brute-forced into submission by mark cd design by darryl cozza [ ] mastered by wayne mitzen lyrics
- - - when jennifer sings - - -
pale white girl, puts her beat up guitar case on the ground pulled hair back, won't stare back cigarette in her mouth granola not older, than 23 maybe 24 she smoulders, her shoulders rise and fall as she hits the floor what happened next, I can't really describe but it's what this song's about, so I gotta try then Jennifer sings my god it must be an angel, must be an angel when Jennifer sings see Jennifer's wings her eyes bright, her skin white stark against a dark guitar she strums chords, then strums more every inch of a star the room's still, we've all chills perfect note after perfect note she gazes, amazes where have you been and where will you go I didn't think I could be so moved but I've been wrong before and once again it is proved
- - - blue sky - - -
what's a boy to do, with one who looks like you you make him feel confused, you make him feel a fool then what's a boy to say, to make it all ok if you would lead the way, you would make his every day noone wants a grey sky, hanging over their life when you know the sunshine, is on its way hold out for the blue sky, hold out for the blue sky nothing else will chase away the rain so what's a girl to do, with the stares coming from you you know that the look is true, make her trust, show her proof tell her you like her style, tell her you love her smile tell her you'd walk a thousand miles, like that proclaimer's song all you ask is one small chance to have a kiss or the last dance to be yourself and be all hers to read your eyes when there's no words and all she wants is just the same she tires of all the endless games she wants to know just where she stands as she holds out her perfect hand and ...
- - - can this be true - - -
I called you up four times today But you were never there You walked past me yesterday Like I wasn't there Why don't you want to talk to me? Please say some words if you really care I think that there is someone else That makes you leave ne all alone Someone that you love more than me Can this be true I've heard it from all your friends that we are all washed out I think it's a crying shame That we can't get get it all worked out Why won't you stop and talk to me I want you back it's not too late
- - - fireball - - -
my girl she's a fireball she's the last call of my day she's the one that's always on she knows just what to say she's so perfect, she's so worth it she makes everything alright she's got talents others haven't everything I like I'm alive and it's all your fault I guess I'll do another day i'm alive and it's what I want coz you blow my soul away thinking of a number and you know that number's two my most favorite day is one that starts and ends with you she's so agile, she's so fragile you make everything alright who'd have guessed I'd be this blessed everything's just right
- - - hey there - - -
ain't nobody gonna get me down today take that sad face and turn it the other way I'm sure you think you have it rough right now but there's people worse off and that's why you're hearin' me say hey there now, don't you fret about a thing hey there now, it's the perfect time to sing this song, o hoh trust me the answer's right there where you can see but you have to look first or you won't see the wood for the trees and don't give up if you don't see it straight away all you have to do is try to make it ok
- - - let it go - - -
let go of the little things that's what she said you'll never get anywhere carrying all of that around time to brush away the dust in my head open the windows and let fresh air in and let you share in i never could tell the right time but you said, 'I got that covered babe' i never would notice the good times till you, said, you gotta let it go you gotta let it go go slow, don't you rush around stop smell the roses and I don't suppose that's the perfume that you're wearing now time to put away nefarious notions and love spells and potions and time to rely on those things on which we can agree
- - - visiting christine - - -
the sun is shining in her eyes and other times it's the stars feeling lonely, feeling down she reminds you who you are all the boys that she has known she, remembers all their names and all the stones that they might throw will never make her change we're visiting christine i like her style she's one for whom you'd walk for miles to see her smile visiting christine it's always fine she blurs the line between hers and mine and takes her time after hours, anytime the lights are always blue it doesn't matter where you are she has the time for you some misinterpret her ideals because they can't understand if she's so perfect, why can't you see what's in her other hand
- - - midnight train - - -
thinking about a cliche that kinda sums up my day is it SSDD, does it matter to me i don't know it's only a Tuesday a day of abuse day just a noise in my ear, I complain to my beer then I go someone please tell me what comes next coz i don't wanna have to kill again I need a midnight train to take me away I dunno I don't care, 'bout how fast or to where it should go they need my reports now i don't even know how i just bang random keys hope they like what they see, but no way it's only a Wednesday an 'it never ends' day it's only the hump, but I think I should jump from the roof
are all the images supposed to backwards? maybe.

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